Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My lip gloss is popin'

Hump day is here, actually I guess its not really hump day since we have a 3 day weekend. Anyways Today I would like to show you why my lip gloss is popin, and why my lip gloss is cool ;)

Today features 3 beautiful shades of lip gloss from Younique

First up is Ladylike. This shade is very bold, and very pretty. Pair it with an LBD and hit the town!

Next up is Loveable, and loveable it is! It is perfect for a lovely day out and about or a date with that special someone. 

Last but not least is Lavish! This color is also bold, and sparkly! But not so bold that it cant be worn for your everyday looks! 

These are just 3 of the vast selection of colors Younique offers! Check them out.

hugs && heels,