Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Inspired Outfits

Pretty Little Liars Inspired Outfits

In honor of the summer season premiere of Pretty Little Liars I thought I would do something fun! So heres what  happened! These girls have some fierce style so I thought I would post outfits inspired by them.These outfits are inspired by the PLL girls style, meaning they are not what I think they would wear but rather what they inspired me to wear. I love all of the girls, but Arias style is probably my favorite, although my personal style is more of a mix between Aria and Hannahs. Here is what I wore!


First up is Spencer, to me her style is very professional and clean cut. I chose this dress because of color and print, together they make for a sort of classic look. I also really loved the collar on the dress. I wore flats rather than heels because Spencer is so tall, she doesn’t often wear heels. Although Spencers taste is not for me, I do actually really like this dress, just maybe with some heels ;)


Hannah! The girly girl of PLL, oh what I would do for her wardrobe!  Hannah definitely has her own signature style, pretty dresses, ruffles, belts, and heels. Her style was the most fun to copy, Im a sort of girly girl so I felt more comfortable in this. The reason I chose what I chose is kind of self-explanatory, this look has all of the elements of Hannahs style, ruffles, belt, and heels!


My least favorite, Emily. Not that she is my least favorite, but her style is the least like mine, so it was actually quite difficult to put something together I would wear that was inspired by her. I chose a denim skirt with rhinestones, the denim skirt if definitely Emily’s style but the rhinestones gave it the sparkle that I love. A plain black top and flat sandals seemed appropriate to complete the outfit.


The best for last! Not only is Aria my personal favorite PLL but also my favorite style. I love Arias edgy look. Aria wears alot of dark colors and funky prints. I wore these tribal leggings, poetic rhinestoned shirt and booties to show the edgy and daring look that she pulls off so well!

Okay can we talk about this shirt for a minute?!? I seen it on WetSeal when I began thinking about this blog post and I was like oh I could see Aria wearing that but never really thought about it again until the new preview for the show came out and the girls get a text from A saying “the truth wont set you free…” and I thought omg now I need it! Its perfect!!! So ironic!

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