Monday, June 17, 2013

Flowy Sea Green!

Flowy Sea Green Hi-lo and Heels!

So I bought these shoes a while ago because I loved the unique color of them, well for some reason it never occurred to me that because the color is so unique it might be hard to match... So theyve just been sitting pretty on the shelf for months. Well then I stumbled upon this dress and almost died! A PERFECT match! And a GORGEOUS look! I pretty much felt on top of the world in this dress....! And to top it all off my husband did my hair in a very beautiful milkmaid braid <3

Outfit Details:
Dress: WetSeal
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Isnt this wall so pretty! Driving around looking for a pretty place to take pictures and the side of a building was painted like this, I was like oh how perfect!

Hope you like what you saw <3