Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Younique primer review

 Today I am her to talk about the best primer I have used! Younique Glorious natural face and eye miner makeup primer. It is made out of all natural ingredients like vitamin E and elastin. The elastin and several other minerals in it help your skin hold in water to prevent your face from drying out.

This product has two main uses as fas as I am concerned, and they pretty much go hand in hand.

1. Helping your makeup stay intact longer. We have all looked in the mirror after a long day to find that the makeup you are now wearing no longer resembles what you were wearing in the morning. Lets face it, that is depressing. This primer kept my make up for a church service and 8 hours of working in a nursing home. That is saying something.

2. It makes pigments POP! Look at the photo below, the bottom streak is with primer, the top streak is without. 

In the photo below the streak on the left is with primer and the streak on the right is without. This if after I wiped once with a paper towel. 

Below are just some photos of my eye shadow with the primer, of course paired with my 3d fiber lashes!

Its a great product! But dont take my word for it! Check it out for yourself here!

hugs && heels,