Thursday, February 13, 2014

Animal Print- CoCo fashion style

As you all probably know I REALLY like to wear animal printed things. While scrolling thru CoCo Fashion I found wayyy to many animal printed things to LOVE! From shoes, to tops from leopard to zebra they had it all! And at an incredible price!

This dress from CoCo Fashion's animal print collection is one of my favorite pieces because I just love how the leopard print is sort of hidden in the flowers. It makes it absolutely perfect for spring!

This dress is so chic! I love the sleeves on the cuffs! Pair it with some black tights and nude heels and my oh my you are good to go!

This top has such a unique twist on the animal print trend by having the whole tiger on there and not just the print! 

Everyone loves a good zebra print, so why not try a zebra on your zebra print?!?!

If animal print isnt really your thing CoCo fashion has plenty of other fab finds for you! Check them out and let me know what you think!

hugs && heels,